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*Dimitri rests his bubble upon the table and looks carefully at Snively's expressions, He maybe naive, but Snively is sly...*

Dimitri: Your love life aside, how do I know if I can put my trust in her?

Snively: Your specie can put your trust in my uncle quickly enough, why would it be any different for her? Besides, you can benefit alot more from her than from my uncle.

Dimitri: *places one of his spines on sniverly and pulls down his nose sharply, causing snively to flinch* Understand this Snively, I did not put my trust in eggman 'quickly'. I could not put my trust in the 'freedom fighters' either! it was a quick decision to have to make in a very short space of time. I have no time for regrets now, all I know is that I need some re insurance, that my people won't be destroyed.

Snively: Your kind have my re insurance. *pushes his spine aside* Besides together, She and I have planned it all out.

*lein da suits herself next to Snively and looks at him with great discontempt* And what about Robotnik? what should become of us all if he were to discover all of this before it happens. His mentality might be deteriorating, but that could only make him more paranoid... and more dangerous.

*snively rests on the table and smirked sideways at both of them*

Snively: you need not worry about uncle, he might be paranoid but I'm sure that he won't suspect a thing. Besides, my clever Regina has it all planned out, together she and I will over throw eggman and the world shall bow before us!

*lein da rests her hand on her forehead while damitri groans obviously*

Snively: *clears throat* So, now that we are all aware of the plan, I will leave you my good echidna, Regina is awaiting her snivykins *brings his hands to his face to try to hold back is grin. Lein da pretended to puke by putting her finger towards her mouth, while dimitri begins to put away his things carefully trying to ignore the thoughts channelling through his mind. Snively leaves the room with his head held high, his eyes closed and a gleeful smile stretched across his face as he strided along the corridor (moves like jagger much?).*

Lein da: *looked at her grandfather crossing her arms in concern* Grandfather... this all seams very rushed. I mean, how can we be sure if the freedom fighter's will even invade us? What if it's all a distraction.. or just robotnik's paranoia.

Dimitri: my dear, I can assure the freedom fighters are arrogant enough to invade us. What I can't be sure of, is what EXACTLY is happening. But we musn't become distracted... lets keep on our gaurd, for now it's up to the doctor to desifire our destiny.

*The spider seemed almost mangled, it froze in horror as it saw before it two red eyes, violently mad eyes. Below those eyes was a bright orange moustache that underneath hid a sinister smile. The moustache and face seamed to simultaneously grin wildly. You can't begin to imagine the fear in that spider, before him lay half across the table a dangerous creature... The creature's eyes narrows to a point realisation and his grin turned to frown, a dangerous frown. The spider, as personified as it could be at this moment, scurried as fast as it could away from the creature onto the pipes of the walls.
Robotnik analysed the spider with great curiosity, but in his eyes grew something much more fearful than that. His mind froze in an epiphany of fear and also genocide. His face turned towards the blue prints of his new machine...He had to build something sinister and unpredictable... but his mind strayed from logic...

Robotnik: My counter attack on new mobotroplis must be huge, but of course if I am not able to get there, I need something more, something that would strike fear into their hearts, if they are to invade... which seems likely I need a back up plan which could destroy that runt once and for all. The spider... *struts back onto his table and begins to draw roughly onto the paper. He pauses for a moment* Of course... this would only stop that hedgehog. I need something much bigger to distract the rest of them *he begins to walk quickly towards his preparation lab, he pauses when he sees a loose voltage spark from above him* Thats it! fire... I need fire. I also need to be fast... very fast, s fast as that rodent. But to prepare to fire at them I need a distraction *he pauses and looks into the room noticing the sleeping echidna, he adjusts his glasses and grins widely* perfect.

*robotnik immediately headed from his lab and built ferociously into the night.

calmness swept over the egg dome as people slept in paranoia and prayed that day would bring them peace of mind. For some however, other thoughts occupied their minds. Two love birds conspired for a happy golden future that would be doomed to never come, while others sat silently in shadow concerned for their authority and judgement. Two souls however, lay in stillness.. lonely... lost and longing for an escape.*

*yan toh sat up suddenly in the dark. 'That taping' he thought grasping his black cloak and gloves, he rushed to put them on carefully and silently as possible and as he pulled the hood over his head the taping seamed to quieten down. It had been going on for hours now no one but him seemed to notice, it was no ordinary taping of machines either, it did not have that rhythm of clicking wheels or clanking metal. One thing he knew,as a light sleeper he could not sleep through it, his curiosity peeked. Yan toh looked up at his brother sleeping in the bunk above his and gently tip toed away silently from the room. The curved hallways appear menacing in the darkness, each appeared as if dark shadows were watching over any helpless soul walking by. Yan toh reached a corner of the long corridor, the tapping was faint from here but he could still hear it. He reached a dimly lit elevator hidden in the walls. Attaching his robotic cybernetic spine into the wall he hacked his way in and proceeded down to the lower levels... the noise seamed to be getting louder the further down he went. He soon discovered that the motions were not only down ways. But going backwards and sideways, almost going out of the eggship. He soon reached the end of his journey and found himself in a dark, rusted and half decayed hallway. He leaned off of the damaged elevator which leaned crooked in it's side ways tunnel marked with burns. Down the darkend hallway the tapping was now a bashing, there was a voice.

A faint voice...
He steadily walked down the creaked corridor listening to the exclaiming voice. It was hard to tell if it really was a voice, the sound was muffled and seamed trapped by it's surroundings. Yan-toh searched down the corridor, there were no doors to rooms nor window's to see light, only the faint glow of damaged lights hung on the walls lit his way. The voice was dying down, but he was determined to find it, he stridded on with a quick pace, holding his hood to face as to not give away his identity to what ever maybe lurking in that part of the ship.He stopped at the end of the long darkened corridor which seamed scarred with battle and fire. He placed his hand on he burn scar on the wall 'what happened here?', he looked on wards to a large crooked bashed in door, rusted, destroyed and forgotten. He walked closer to it cautiously holding his hands in front of him,  paranoid of a sudden attacker lurking behind the door. The bashing sound back, it was coming from inside the room. He came closer to the door and tried  to pull apart the rusted metal which blocked the entrance, it was tough and cold, but his curiosity pushed him further, the voice came back only louder. Little did he know that what he was about to discover would change the course of the war... forever.
Part 3 is here... but what is it our young dark egg legion echdina has discovered?

----> part 2:

<---- part 4: [link]
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AlcyoneSong Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You know, I think you are an excellent writer, and this is a great idea and story so far. The only issue I have with it, is the script style then the beautiful paragraphs at the end. If you use script stick with it, but frankly for fan fiction writing in paragraphs and using quotations to express dialogue between characters reads much nicer than script to paragraph.

I love how you describe the feelings the characters are having when they see "The Eggman" aka Robotnik. I do think that instead of stating "You" to the reader, as the reader is the one reading the story.... try just dropping the "you" altogether and simply write the response from the spider's POV which you did so well.

Anyways just some :twocents: I'm going to continue reading on, as this looks great.
LunaPhantom1999 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so interesting!!
i shall reader further!
awesomeness took over my brain in this
KillScreen94 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Interesting, interesting. Dialogue is pretty good here. Especially for Robotnik. You got his character down pat! That little bit from the spider's point of view was really neat. When you have Robotnik next to something as small and helpless as a little spider, it makes him seem even more terrifying and deranged by comparison. I bet the spider inspires him to build that 'bot we see in issue #200, right? I see what you did there! ;)

Now for misspelled 'tapping' as 'taping' a couple times, but you corrected yourself at the end of the paragraph I see. Also, you wrote 'reinsurance' a couple times. I believe you meant to write 'reassurance'. And just one more small thing: 'maybe' in the beginning should actually be 'may be'.

I'll take a look at part 4 later, 'kay? Just got some stuff to do! Keep on writing and I'll keep on reading! :D
AkuKoyotePatchi Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Professional Filmographer
gaaah o .e again my spelling fail bears DXX... this is why I need feedback before I post it... I use the journalness for a reason xP but thank you anyway xxxxxx and yeap x'3 this is all building up to invasion o .o ~ but does it happen ;3?
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